Europe | March 2020

That time we went to Europe and a Virus broke out!

Well, what more can I say – it’s in the title!

We didn’t know, no one did – that Corona Virus would have such a huge and world-stopping affect as it did. There were no indications or warnings when we left. We knew there was something going on, but not in Europe, and certainly not border-closing, city-lockdown, mandatory-isolation type of situation (say that three times fast!).

I won’t bore you with the details. The trip was normal. It wasn’t until we were two weeks in that things started slow down. People disappeared, the streets were quiet and we had to keep an eye on the news as everyone in Australia scrambled for toilet paper.

We just needed to get to London. Our flight home was from London and, as we booked the trip ourselves (not through an agency), changing our flights were near impossible as every traveller in the world were waiting on hold trying to get home.

Our timing could not have been more perfect. On Monday 20th March we arrive in London and on the same day the Prime Minister asked for all overseas travellers to come home. Our flight was home was booked for the Thursday.

This holiday will never be forgotten. The world will be talking about Corona Virus for a long time to come and we can tell out story of how we saw it unravel throughout Europe.

Frankfurt, Germany



Würzburg, Germany


Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany



Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany



Füssen, Germany



Am Plansee, Austria



Linderhof Palace, Germany



Salzburg, Austria


Landzeit, Austria



Lake Bled, Slovenia



Ljubljana, Slovenia


Budapest, Hungary


Kraków, Poland



Český Krumlov, Czechia



Amsterdam, Netherlands



London, England