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How to choose the right newborn photographer

Are you unsure on how to choose the right newborn photographer for your family? There are so many options out there and narrowing down your search might be a bit difficult. To make the process a bit easier, I’ve listed my top five tips for choosing the right newborn photographer for you; . 1. Safety...

“I don’t want prints, just the Digital Files”

Newborn Photography Sydney

Really? Or do you think that by purchasing the digitals the photos will be cheaper?   From time to time I receive enquiries from people who are interested in my work but not the products and they all say the same thing; ‘I love your work, but I just want the digital files’ If that’s...

Why is newborn photography so expensive?

Newborn Photography Sydney

. What’s beneath the surface? Every now and then I see Facebook posts regarding photography and how expensive it is and last week I saw this question posted again; ‘Why is newborn photography so expensive?’ When I see these types of questions or remarks I always scroll past. I don’t involve myself in the conversations and...

Welcome! My name is Lorna.
I'm a family & newborn photographer and I provide loving families, who want beautiful prints,
professional photographs of their loved ones so they can enjoy their photos everyday.
Invest in your memories today because
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